Somerset Ryckmans is a small, specialised and supportive law firm. We’re smart, strategic and original and we have the attentiveness and responsiveness that only a boutique practice can provide.

Our clients are at the heart of Somerset Ryckmans, and we always keep our clients’ best interests at heart. Taking pride in our trusted and loyal relationships we work exceptionally hard to achieve best results. We know there are two sides to every coin and having represented both sides we have the insight and experience to deliver proactive and personalised solutions for timely and, most importantly, successful outcomes. And because we’re small, you have direct access to Somerset Ryckmans’ directors and senior management. You don’t get that in the big practices.

Somerset Ryckmans is an expert in insolvency litigation, and represents and advises domestic and foreign companies, public and private institutions and individuals across diverse areas of legal practice.